Vision / Mission

To really make an impact. Our vision is ONE PLANET – ONE FACTORY!

By working together we will create a planet based magnesium injection molding ecosystem that we named “Planetary Molding Factory – One Planet, One Molding Factory, one sustainable environmental standards for all!”

We see light semi-solid Magnesium (Mg) injection molding parallels with the pharma industry. A clean high tech environment is where people like to work, learn and innovate. People take pride and joy in making parts of high output value. People mix alloys instead of mixing recipe for drugs on smart, modern, high-tech machines. No melting or holding pots. Without transfer of fluidized metal, or use of cover gases. The future is no emissions outside of factory parameters.

Together, we can bring the lightweight metal casting world into the 21st century, modernizing it into a cleaner, digital world by semi-solid net-shape injection molding! It is time for change, we use Magnesium for structural parts and lightweight parts.

Our mission is to dedicate ourselves to:

  • Make lightweight, functional and reliable more enviromentally friendly products (i.e. cars from Magnesium made parts)

  • Stop emitting dangerous gases

  • Reduce pollution

  • Change the “take-make-waste“ industrial system to „take-make-use-re-use“

Since 2005 we have been developing a way to reduce foundries‘ contributions to the greenhouse effect and global warming.

We care. We believe in challenging the status quo in everything we do. We believe thinking outside the box. We believe in making our machines simple, axiomatically designed, long-lasting, environmentally-friendly and user-friendly. We firmly believe in Magnesium as a metal for the future, please join us!